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Ms. Yao is very patient and my kid learns a lot through her online one-on-one sessions. Teacher will give feedback for my kid’s progress. Furthermore, there is detailed key point summary for each lesson. Strongly recommend!

— Mother of Yue P3, from Singapore

Ms. Yao’s coding classes are very interesting. Each project is challenging but fun. She explained everything clearly and put 100% into her lessons. We created games and stories. She encourged me to be innovative and gave me very helpful feedback. I have enjoy taking class with her.

— Andrew P6, from New York

Teacher Claudia is very professional. She convinced me that Scratch is not only an entry level language just for kids to have fun, but also able to use it to develop advanced programmes. Previously, My son has learned Scratch 3.0 systematically but she could customize the content and depth of the lesson very well to suit the level of my son. My son is really enjoying the flip classroom lessons. I strongly recommend it to intermediate and even advanced learners — Mother of Steven P6, from Singapore

My son attended 4 online coding lessons of EV3 Mindstorm with Ms. Yao at The Coding Fun. Ms Yao has been very patient and kind and her instructions are clear.  My son has been motivated to explore and build more models himself.  The lessons were good enough to keep him going. Deb, from Hong Kong

Programming was something I never thought I’d pursue as a hobby, but The Coding Fun has shown me how easy it is to get started. It’s like learning a new language! Ms. Yao is patient and meticulous in her teaching, and she organises the introduction to Python in a very systematic way. She uses many resources to tailor to a student’s interests, and the content is stimulating and enjoyable. Would highly recommend! – Caroline, from Sydney University, Australia

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“This book is written to support those who would like to touch the high ceiling of Scratch programming and to understand how to develop challenging projects on Scratch. I will concentrate on the use of List, Clone and Pen functionalities by analysing a few sample projects in depth. Through combining those features artfully, we could realize some amazing functionalities.” – From Author

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Kids Coding Introduction – For Parents

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Note: Scratch is a project of the Scratch Foundation, in collaboration with the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free at https://scratch.mit.edu.


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