Scratch – Intermediate Level Course

Intermediate level lessons are designed for students who have learned Scratch programming, but been unsatisfied with their programming skills. They would like to know more techniques and skills on programming and are keen to develop more complicated and interesting projects. Meanwhile, they are not yet confident enough to develop project independently. They still need teacher to guide them through many programming issues.

Through 12 projects designed to cater to their requirement, students could learn different techniques to develop programming skills, use computational thinking methodology to solve problems. Like Junior Level course, students will design a project at the end of the course, based on the design requirement of the instructor.

In The Coding Fun, students are strongly encouraged to customize their projects and inject their own ideas and innovations. Our instructors are more than willing to review the submitted programming work and give detailed feedback and suggestions.

Lesson Structure

At the class:

  1. Teacher introduces a project and writes code together with the student(s). Teacher will explain the usage of the programming blocks and why to code in this way.
  2. Teacher will summarize the key knowledge points at the end of the lesson.
  3. After all the main functionality of the project is finished, students could add in their own ideas to customize his/her projects. It is free style.

After the lesson:

  1. Students could continue updating his/her project by adding new features (optional). They could contact the teacher when they have issues.
  2. Teacher will send the knowledge points (mentioned in Step 2) to students as a revision document. It might also contain a few quiz questions to check if students know well.

Project Gallery