Python Foundation and Intermediate Level Courses

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The Foundation of Python Programming

Language foundation

  • Variables, Statements and Expessions
  • Conditional Execution
  • Functions and Test Suite
  • Loops and Iterations
  • String
  • List
  • Dictionary
  • Tuple

Turtle module for drawing

  • Use turtle libary to draw shape.
  • Interaction with keyboard and mouse events.

Tkinter module for GUI design

  • Five common widges of tkinter library.
  • Use grid to arrange widget layout neatly.
  • Interaction with keyboard and mouse events.
  • Integrate tkinter and turtle modules to draw on the canvas.

File operation

  • file reading and writing.
  • Edit file and process strings.

Class and objects – the basic

  • create class and define attributes and methods.

Intermediate Level – Python vs. Game Design

Recursion function

  • How to define recursive function.
  • advantage and disadvantage.

Handling exceptions and list operation

  • Exception handling.
  • Use Map and Filter on list.
  • Use List Comprehension and Zip.

Class and objects – in depth

  • Inheriting
  • Method overriding

The foundation of algorithm

  • List related algorithm
  • Improve performance of your program
  • Greedy Strategy
  • divide and conquer strategy

Develop games with PyGame

  • Pygame code framework and template.
  • Create a main loop and show sprite.
  • Project 1: convert a Scratch project to PyGame.
  • Project 2: create a shooting game with the use of class.
  • Project 3: define more complicated game rules and create a puzzle game
  • Through those projects, get an in-depth understanding of PyGame classes: Image, Display, Surface, Sprite, Sprite Group, Mask, etc.
  • More projects in the pipeline…

Intermediate Level – Python vs. Data Processing and Analysis

Coming Soon.