Scratch – Advanced Level Course

As its name says, Advanced Level courses are specifically designed for students to advance their Scratch programming skills. Students have learned Scratch programming in a systematical way and there is no problem for them to design a project independently. What they need is to sharpen their programming skills and learn how to design more advanced projects, such as scrolling platformer game, puzzle game, multi-level games, etc.

Our advanced level course will use flip classroom method. Students finish a project on their own before the lesson. Instructor will review the project and give detailed feedback. Both activities happen before the real lesson. You might ask: what will instructor do at the class? Depending on the review result, the instructor will discuss the project with the students and clear confusing issues. He/she will teach new topics to expand the boundary of Scratch programming. It might touch on the concept of software development lifecycle, image processing, learning of others’ projects, etc.

Lesson Structure

Our senior level lessons will utilize a new method to cater to the requirement of advanced learners. A complete lesson cycle could be like this:
Step 1: The instructor will introduce the requirement of the project at a short meeting (15 min.)
Step 2: Students will get assignment and finish it offline.
Step 3: Students will submit their assignment. The instructor will review the code and give detailed feedback.
Step 4: At the class, instructor will discuss with students review results, clear confusing points and introduce some in-depth knowledge of Scratch programming.

Project Gallery

Come to enjoy the coding and let your program rock!