For Those Who Could Not Run MakeCode for Maqueen Plus 2.0, here is the Solution

If you bought the Maqueen Plus 2.0 recently, you might meet the same issue which I encountered. I spent several hours trying to make it work, but it seemed the motors were not working properly at all. The program could not control either the movement direction and speed of the motors. The most possible reason is that NFRobot has not released its Maqueen Plus 2.0 extension on MakeCode. Therefore, when you use the code library of Maqueen Plus (it might support version 1.5) to control 2.0 version device, the code could run, but motor movement is not controlled properly.

Such weird things you encounter might include:

  • Motor direction is reversed. That is to say, when you use the following code to drive the vehicle forward, it actually runs backward.
  • The block “read line tracking sensor” has six options – L1, L2, L3, R1, R2 and R3. However, on Maqueen Plus 2.0, the number of grayscale sensor has changed to 5 by reducing two side sensors and adding one sensor in the center.

You might wonder to use the latest code library of Macqueen Plus 2.0. After all, we could find its code library on github: However, this code library is still under development, so many functions are not yet finished. That is why NFRobot has not released it yet.


However, I noticed that some sample projects have been running pretty smoothly on the Maqueen Plus 2.0. You could find those sample code link on NFRobot product Wiki.

You will see that the “init maqueen plus V2” block replaces the “initialize vis I2C until success” block for Maqueen Plus module. There are other blocks whose functionalities differ from the previous version.

When we create our own project, just duplicate such a “template” project, and then you could remove the existing code and add new ones.

Now, your motors could work properly when the program controls them. I have not tried other programming blocks, hopefully it is a completely working library. The following example is one project made by using the above sample project library. Enjoy the coding and have fun!

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