Analyze a LEGO MindStorms EV3 Model – Discovery

In one of my previous post, I analyzed a LEGO EV3 model COR3, and today, I will analyze another model called Discovery.

Both of models are credited to There are other step-by-step instructions of LEGO MindStorms EV3 models on that website, so feel free to explore.

Similarity to Drive Base Model

This model has referred to the Drive Base model in the design of chassis.

This model’s chassis is very similar to Drive Base. The fixing structure of the big motors and the distance between the two wheels are the same as that of Drive Base model. The structure to fix the caster wheel also keeps unchanged from the Drive Base.

The difference between the two models mainly lies in the front attachment design. For the Drive Base model, it uses two white angled beams stretching out from both sides to attach color sensor and touch sensor. For the Discovery model, it puts a straight white beam in front of the frame panel, which will attach the two sensors and a medium motor. You could scroll to the bottom of the post to check the assembly diagram.

Medium Motor Structure

Like Drive Base, the medium motor uses two knob wheels aligned perpendicularly to change rotation direction. On the top of the medium motor, it uses a frame panel instead of other small connectors. As we know, the feature of the frame panel is that it has many pinholes in various directions to be able to provide flexible connection options.

Structure of Sensors

For all of the three sensors – touch sensor, color sensor and ultrasonic sensor, their connection structure has something in common. First, the sensor and 2-module (or 3-module) cross blocks are fixed together by using a short axis. Then, the pin holes of the cross blocks are connected to pegs (2-module black color peg or 3-module blue color peg). The pegs could fix to the beam or frame panel on the vehicle body conveniently.

This design structure could be used widely in other scenarios.

Touch Sensor:

Color Sensor:

Ultrasonic Sensor:

Assembly of the Structure

As I mentioned above, the frame panel and the straight beam play an important role in fastening those sensors and medium motor. The following diagram shows how they are fixed to the vehicle body.

Features of the Model

As I mentioned before, no any model is perfect, so just enjoy the process of creation and have fun!

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