What is Flip Classroom?

What is flipped classroom?

There is no more accurate definition of flipped classroom than that from the founder of Arfstrom Consulting and executive director of the Flipped Learning Network Kari M. Aarfstrom, PH.D.

“In this scenario, teachers record their lectures, which students watch outside of class, and then dedicate class time to doing the homework. This approach facilitates learning by allowing students to ask questions of their teacher or collaborate with their peers as they’re doing the work, rather than struggling with it at home and asking for help the next day.”

FLIP Learning, a new teaching and learning format

In recent years, flipped classroom has been increasingly gotten attention from both educators and researchers. The method could not only apply to math and scientific subjects, but also work effectively in language and arts lessons. Many teachers have flipped their classes by having students read text, watch supplemental videos or solve additional problems outside of class as homework.

Considering the local educational environment and the preference of parents and students, in TheCodingFun, the instructor will combine the normal classroom teaching experience with the flipped classroom method. Before each lesson, brief videos containing key knowledge points are sent to students before the class, and at the classroom, students are led by the instructor to review the key points firstly and then focus on the step-by-step, hands-on coding activities, quiz sections and extra practices (if time allows and some students progress faster on his/her tasks). All of those contribute to the active engagement of students and allow for more individual instruction.

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