Let’s Learn Coding Skills Through Analyzing Others’ Project – “Speedy Draw”

If you think that Scratch can be only used to make games, you might be wrong. In theCodingFun courses, you could not only design games, but also animate your funny or creepy stories, have an self introduction or show your presentation.

In this post, let me introduce a nice designed Scratch project. It is not a game, but the author uses Scratch to demonstrate how he draws a dragon step by step. The final result is shown below. Interested Scratchers could go to check its code at: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/336899452

In terms of Code, this project has not complicated design. The code is straightforward and easy to understand. What impressed me is that the author designs 175 costumes for the dragon and 40 costumes for the forest backdrop, starting from the first stroke to the final arts work.

Drawing Dragon Code

The author uses two sprites Part I and Part II to draw a dragon. I don’t know why the author separates the drawing dragon code into two sprites. Actually the costumes of the two sprites can be combined. Maybe the author feels that there are too many costumes in one sprite (Part I sprite has 107 costumes, and Part 2 sprite has 68 costumes).

Draw Forest Backdrop

After drawing the dragon, the author begins to draw the forest backdrop. It uses the same method as that for drawing dragon. There are totally 40 costumes for this sprite.

Draw Bubbles to Enhance Animation

The major part of artwork is done till now. However, don’t forget that it is a program in running status, not only a static artwork. the author decides to add some spice onto it. He chooses to add floating bubbles, making them change from transparent to translucent, and then disappear again. The effect is kind of like lots of fireflies floating quietly in the forest backdrop.

How does the Author Draw Those Costumes?

Definitely it is difficult to draw such an exquisite artwork with mouse. The author might use digital plate to connect to computer, so that he could draw in the Scratch costume editor directly. We could create a new costume by copying the previous one, and add a few strokes on that. After doing that, repeat the step by duplicating the latest costume, and then add a few new strokes or new colors on the new costume. A good idea! You could recreate your drawing process.

Wrap Up

After reviewing the code of the project, let me summarize the steps to create a speedy drawing Scratch project.

  • Create multiple costumes to decompose the steps for your artwork.
  • Switch to next costume at a short interval to generate a speedy drawing effect.
  • Create multiple costumes for backdrop and switch to next costume to generate a speedy drawing effect.
  • Arrange the layer properly. Your key characters should be put on the front layer. Backdrop objects are put at the back layer.
  • Add bubbles or lights effects and make them generate transparent or translucent effect.

Next time when you are creating a drawing, how about trying to use this way to reproduce your drawing process? Enjoy the coding and the arts!

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