Which Scratch Project(s) Would You Like me to Analyze?

Someone might wonder why I like to analyze the puzzle games, such as 2048 remake, Grids, Tetris, BeatCube, etc. I just feel that those puzzle games focus more on the methods, or called the algorithm. Through analyzing them, we could learn how to organize the back-end data and how to display the data on the stage smoothly.

Actually I also like to analyze the platform games, such as the Super Mario Bros, which contains the very typical design elements for a platform game, such as the moving backdrop, using clock to control the movement of the sprites, and using hitbox to sense the touching.

I just have this idea that you Scratch fans could tell me which Scratch project(s) you would like me to analyze. I will review your feedback and then choose from those candidate projects.

Thanks for your support and participation, and don’t forget to Enjoy the coding and have fun!

Kindly leave your comment below:

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