Online One-on-one Programming Courses

All of our Scratch courses are online now!

No matter your are new to programming or an avid fan of Scratch programming, you could always find suitable courses over here.

No matter you are living in Asia, Europe, America or any other places on the Earth, we could always find a suitable time slot for the one-to-one programming lessons.

Coding is fun, and we treat our teaching seriously.

  • One-on-one online lessons via Zoom (or small group of 2-3 persons per request).
  • Each lesson provides Quiz and knowledge point summary.
  • Instructor will review student’s project and give detailed feedback.
  • Choose either English or Chinese as teaching language.


Mrs. Yao is very patient and my kid learns a lot through her online one-on-one sessions. Teacher will give feedback for my kid’s progress. Most of all, there is detailed key point summary for each lesson. Strongly recommend!

— Mother of Yue P3, Singapore

Mrs. Yao’s coding classes are very interesting. Each project is challenging but fun. She explained everything clearly and put 100% into her lessons. We created games and stories. She encourged me to be innovative and gave me very helpful feedback. I have enjoy taking class with her.

— Andrew P6, New York

Teacher Claudia is very professional. She convinced me that Scratch is not only an entry level language just for kids to have fun, but also able to use it to develop advanced programmes. Previously, My son has learned Scratch 3.0 systematically but she could customize the content and depth of the lesson very well to suit the requirement of different users. My son is really enjoying the flip classroom lessons. I strongly recommend it to intermediate and even advanced learners! — Mother of Steven P6, Singapore

At the beginning, my child knew nothing about programming. After two classes, she is full of confidence and shows great interest. I am impressed that the course is attractive to children! Programming is undoubtedly the best exercise for children’s logical thinking and coordination capability. I strongly recommend the lessons of Mrs. Yao. — Mother of Olivia P3, Singapore

Teacher Yao’s programming class is fun, full of knowledge points; she is approachable and serious about her lessons. My child is a P1 student, knowing little about computer, not to mention how to program on it. Usually he does not take the initiative to talk to strangers, but with the patient guidance of Mrs. Yao, he will ask questions actively. After two trials, he can finish a simple programming project independently. At the end of each class, Mrs. Yao will send us the summary slides and key points of the course, so that we can follow up after class and finish corresponding homework to consolidate what we have learned, which makes up for the lack of programming materials in other lessons. All in all, highly recommended! — Mother of Kang P1, Singapore

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Course List

Scratch Programming – Junior Course – 4 Lessons

The course contains 4 lessons. See if you are really interested before you make decision to delve into the Scratch 3.0 programming world. Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 4.

Scratch Programming – Junior Course – 12 Lessons

Start from scratch. Take each step steadily and build solid foundation for logic thinking. Suitable for Primary 1 to Primary 4.

Scratch Programming – Intermediate Course – 4 Lessons

You have learned Scratch 3.0 programming before, either at school or other educational institutions. Want to advance your programming skills? It would be no mistake to give it a try. Suitable for Primary 4 and above.

Scratch Programming – Intermediate Course – 12 Lessons

You have learned Scratch 3.0 programming before, either at school or other educational institutions. Want to advance your programming skills? More scenarios, more flexibility in using Scratch blocks. Suitable for Primary 4 and above.

Scratch Programming – Advanced Course – 16 Lessons

You are not satisfied with your programming skills and would like to challenge yourself on something more complicated but more fun. Some games contain cool logic thinking. The advanced course allows you to design your code on your own. Instructor will review your code and give you professional and detailed feedback. Suitable for Primary 6 and above (including Secondary students and Scratch programming teachers/super fans).

Let’s Build Something Interesting.